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Affordable Prices Repairing Services in Dubai!

Instant Device Fixer IDF is one of the best places to get IPhone smartphone repairing in Dubai. We can fix the entire model related to the smartphone if you tell us what the exact issue is. Our repairing service team is highly rated among consumers. You can believe us that we have a large number of cheerful customers and years of experience in all smartphone repair. Our customers are very satisfied with us the way we leave no ambiguity for them. Our dedication to the work is our pleasure, and they go happily. We don't charge additional charges or fees for our services, they are reliable. We present quality work at affordable prices and reliable repairing services in Dubai.


Smartphones are Durable!

The mobile phone is stimulating one of the most important technological revolutions in human history. This article first presents impacts, challenges, and predictions of mobile phone use. It first indicates that the impact of the mobile phone on society has been predominantly positive while the mobile phone has certain negative attributes. It then discusses multiple ways to overcome mobile technology challenges (e.g., new radio technologies and specialized devices optimized for medical, educational, or “Internet of things” IoT applications). The authors predict that, in the two or three more generations, mobile phone use will have exciting advances to achieve the full benefits, especially in the area of ​​healthcare, education, industry, daily life, learning, and collaborations, which will be more effective. , productive, and creative.


Team is Specialized

Five years of experience in logic board of smartphone, board chip repairing, liquid spills, battery drain processed with modern equipment. Instant Device Fixer is not a compromise on quality regarding OEM (original equipment manufacturer). If you have any problem regarding your device like screen flickering immediately battery discharge or any other issue then bring it to us. We have knowledgeable and proficient technicians for your basic help.


Screen Repairing within the Minutes!

Horizontal or Vertical lines appear on smartphones display, or breakage screen or crack or screen goes black side area display our team diagnose your device immediately. If you don't have time to repair your device, don't be worried, send us a query. We will arrive at your doorstep for help and repair your device in our office and deliver it to you.


Basic Fault in Smartphones

  • LCD/LED Broken, Cracked, Vertical or Horizontal Lining the front glass

  • Consist Black or Blur Spots

  • Screen Flickering

  • Touch halted

  • display is not show

  • Slow Phone

  • Overheating Phone

  • Full Storage Space

  • Wet Cell Phone

  • Damaged Charging Port

  • Google Play Store Does Not Download Apps

  • Connectivity Issue

  • Network Problem

  • Microphone Problem

  • Ringing Problem

  • Speaker Problem

  • Vibrator Problem

  • Auto Switch Off

  • Restart Problem

  • Software Issue Problem

Screen Break

Battery Drainage

Body Repair

Camera Crack

Mic/Sound Problems

Software Problems

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